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It's over. We're through. We buried the hatchet right next to what remains of you. It's all dark in here. I can't see. The ground covers what's left of me. We're buried next to each other. Married for eternity. Unfortunately, we weren't meant to be. You're not the one for me. This, I now see. Alas it's too late. The diamond ring on your finger has doomed me to my fate. So here is where I linger. Here is where I wait. Here is where I lay with my mate. An eternity feels like forever when you can't stand her. Let me out, let me free. Why does this have to be. Let me out of this grave. This cave in my soul filled to the brim with coal. Remove what remains and burn it. I'm stuck with her down here. I'm sorry,my dear but I left my heart behind. Another husband is what you must find. Please dig down until I reach the surface. Dig until you see my carcass. Dig until the light of a world I forgot touches my rotting face. Burn my body so I may leave this place. Smash my grave, scatter my ashes, remove every trace. Reclaim my ring from her hand buried beneath this cage of dirt and sand. Unlock the chains that bind my soul to hers in this empty land. Let me out. Can't you see? This is not where I want to be.
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Submitted on
February 4